Our 2014 Coachella Party Picks

We've made it to Weekend Two, and still going strong...

Another action-packed weekend of mansion parties, hotel take-overs, and desert warehouses, with an eclectic array of special guests and California's best.

If you missed it last week, grab this Desert Drive mix from the fellas at Chit Chat Records for your journey out, available for download here.

And we've still got the hook-up on discount tickets ($15?!) for Lights Down Low's stellar desert throwdown with Lee Foss, the French Express DJs (Moon Boots & Isaac Tichauer), Kindness, Jerome LOL, and your LDL residents: Sleazemore, Panic, Remy, & Eli. Click here to be transported to AmazingSavingsVille, Coachella Valley, CA.

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Stay cool out there, Restless Ones...



12th Annual Filter Yacht Club, Secret Location, Coachella. (RSVP).

Au Revoir Simone, The Ceremonies, J Rocc, Moors, Pleasure Principle.

8pm-1am • 21+


¡Reunión!, Ace Hotel Palm Springs.

DJ Day, Jeremy Sole.

10pm-2am • FREE w/ RSVP


Subsuelo Party, Ace Hotel Palm Springs.

Canyon Cody, Gozar, DJ Ethos, Special Guests.

12am-6pm • FREE w/ RSVP


Saguaro Desert Weekender: Resident Advisor, at Saguaro Hotel, Palm Springs.

Surprise Guest, Rebollodo, Dam-Funk, Awesome Tapes From Africa.

1pm-7pm • FREE w/ RSVP


Catching Shade, at 622 N Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs.

Gossip Culture, Templeton, All Night Shoes, Cream DJs

9pm-2am • 21+


Frosty & Friends, at Ace Hotel Palm Springs.

10pm - 2am • 21+


Lights Down Low, at Secret Location - PRESALE ONLY.

Lee Foss, French Express DJs (Moon Boots & Isaac Tichauer), Kindness, Jereome LOL, Sleazemore, Richie Panic, Remy Marc, Eli Glad.

10pm-6am • 21+


Festival NRMAL, Ace Hotel Palm Springs.

Chico Sonido, Kali Uchis, Freak City DJ’s, Brenmar

12pm-6pm (Pool), 10pm-2am (Amigo Room) • FREE w/ RSVP


Saguaro Desert Weekender: A Club Called Rhonda, at Saguaro Hotel, Palm Springs.

Pete Tong, Kidnap Kid, Newbody, Goddollars, Paradise + more.

1pm-7pm • FREE w/ RSVP


Spotlight, at Secret Location - PRESALE ONLY.

Jake Shears (Scissor Sister) + Friends, Scooter McCreight, Chris Cruse.

10pm-5am • 21+




Festival NRMAL, Ace Hotel Palm Springs.

Jamz, Juan Wauters, Clubz, Habibi, NRML DJs, Rebolledo.

12pm-6pm (Pool), 10pm-2am (Amigo Room) • FREE


Do-Over, at The Commune, Ace Hotel Palm Springs.

SECRET GUESTS, Haycock, Strong & Friends.

12pm-6pm • FREE w/ RSVP


Saguaro Desert Weekender: The Big Green Love Machine, at Saguaro Hotel, Palm Springs.

Special Guest, Justin Jay, Ardalan, Jon Dadon, Kedd Cook & Heidi, Jimbo James.

1pm-7pm • FREE w/ RSVP




Click here for WOAH’s top 10 list of visual desert #WHOA


LeRoy Stevens: Underground Sculpture, at Mojave Desert.

An underground sound installation comprised of seventy-five 20' lengths of rebar.  Viewers activate work through use of a variable-pitch metal detector.

To visit, contact clui@clui.org or leroystevens3@gmail.com



Noah Purifoy Outdoor Desert Art Museum of Assemblage Sculpture, at 63030 Blair Lane

Joshua Tree, 92252

Nearly 10  acres of open land displaying the artist’s assemblage sculptures, all created on-site between 1989 and 2004.  


PHILLIP K SMITH III: Reflection Field, at Coachella, Indio Valley.

The artist launches his largest light installation to date consisting of five freestanding volumes of light and mirror scaled 18ft H x 17ft W and spanning a diameter of 100 ft.  

Opening Friday Apr 11th - Through Apr 20th


PHILLIP K SMITH III: Lucid Stead: Four Windows and a Doorway, at Royale Projects, Palm Desert.

Abbreviated installation in a gallery environment of the artist’s LED mirrored shack, Lucid Stead, a light-based installation originally set-up for two wks in Joshua Tree in Oct 2013.


April 10, 2014 at 12pm - April 21, 2014 at 12pm
Coachella Valley

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